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Okay, so you’ve just had a new website designed, you’ve launched it – but to your dismay you have nothing in terms of new customers and/or sales. We’ve had clients that have launched a new site over the years who are disappointed in their lack of sales and questioned whether it was the website design.

This is what made us write this post. We work hard at designing and developing websites that work within your market sector, that are clean and easy to navigate for customers, and that contain the latest in terms of design aesthetics.

Can we say for certain that it is not design related – absolutely not, but based on our experience with clients, we decided to lay it out clearly for them.

For those of you that cannot understand why visit/sales are not being made, please reflect on the following:

  1. When the website launched – how did you promote it? (Actually, did you promote it?)
  2. Have you had the site optimised for SEO?  (and remember this is an ONGOING necessity not a one time service)?
  3. Have you done Google Adwords to generate new traffic?
  4. Have you reached out to any blogs for a review or write up?
  5. Have you done link building to help bring traffic to your website?
  6. Are you actively marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter (are you hash tagging your posts?)
  7. Are you reading every ecommerce blog, website and magazine that is out there to learn about all of the above?
  8. Are you analysing your Analytics to see where your current traffic is coming from to see how relevant it is to your website?
  9. Are you monitoring what your competition is doing?
  10. Have you set up goals and filters in Google Analytics to see if people are getting to the cart and leaving?
  11. What have YOU done to make people want to buy from you?
  12. Did you engage with traditional media advertising?
  13. Are you running any competitions or special off campaigns?
  14. Have you actually got a month to month marketing campaign?
  15. If you have product suppliers, are you talking with them about special offers or campaigns you could be involved with?

We don’t like to say this, but this is just a short list of ideas!

These are just some of the things that need to be done to make sales. It is not about making a post on Facebook once in a while or sending out a promotional Tweet on Twitter. It is an ongoing dedication to your website, to learn and absorb everything you can about e-commerce, online marketing, social media and promotion.

The look/feel of the website is irrelevant to most customers,it is NOT the website that will hold you back from sales, it is the lack of constant promotion, optimisation, relationship building and e-commerce education that will keep you from your long term goals.

If you launched the website and you have done nothing since the launch other than an occasional tweet or do a Facebook post once in a while that will never be enough!

We guarantee this will lead to failure.  Unfortunately, just like with ANY business you start, it requires dedication and even additional money to achieve the goals you are looking for. You cannot do it all on your own – you will need professional help at some point, so add that into your marketing budget. Hiring a good SEO person or Adwords manager can result in a great ROI if you find the right person.

Also keep in mind the nature of the business you are in. The economy is still tough and if you are selling a high value item that is not an “everyday” type of product, or that your market place is “niche” you may feel the pinch more than others.