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Creating the Brand Idenity Manual, a tool that is beyond the logotype and the corporate characteristic colors. The best image is the one that evens the values and the beliefs of your company or organization. This means that it is the one that reflects your philosophy and your organizational culture. Besides it is the one that sticks to the characteristic of your mission as a company and that evens what your company does with what it says. In other words, the image must be the direct reflection of the brand identity.

While a lot of companies believe that identity is simply a matter of logos, or even worse, they think the logo is the image, the notion of brand identity has become a fundamental part of the differentiation strategy of a company.

In order to have an efficient brand identity it is necessary to know the target audience, to foresee their feedback and establish a connection with the recipient, in which the object, language and content must be clear and correct.

The brand identity is necessary as an element of differentiation in markets that are increasingly saturated by unspecified products whose consumption depends on an emotional or affective response. Through a good brand image, companies can get a good average of sales, increase their revenues and become widely known over a period of time.

A good corporate identity defines who the company is and what the company does.

Who the company is? To begin with, a company consists in its institutional or founding structure: its legal statute, the history of its development or trajectory, its current directory, its organisation chart of activities and subsidiaries, the capital structure, and its possessions.

What the company does? The most important activity that a company does involves the development of the relational and productive system: the development of a technique, of products and services lines in coordination, of a system of prices, and of a system of distribution. A good corporate identity is the most important aspect when it comes to business. Researches show that, when doing business, the impression that the company gives will make the difference at the moment of closing a deal. It will take the prospective client only 20 second to receive the impression of the company. This is why it is important to have an appropriate corporate image; a high-quality and professional design always helps. The typical corporate image design process involves: investigation and planning, the development of a strategy, the development of a design and its implementation. The advantages of a high-quality corporate identity are: growing awareness of the company or organization, complete confidence from the company’s employees and volunteers, etc.; in other words, a more appropriate image in the market.

A positive brand image is an indispensable condition to the company’s strategic continuity and success. We are not talking about a simple marketing measurement but about a strategic tool. A solid brand identity is an incentive to sell products and services. It helps the company to hire the best staff, it attracts investors, and it wins the inner and outer public’s confidence.

You must remember that the way you are treated depends on the image you reflect. The brand image consists in a mosaic of various images that your company reflects everyday. Many times the character of the brand is not correctly reflected by the different elements that form the identity. When this occurs, we say that there has been a failure in the projection. These failures may be caused by different reasons.

One example is the wrong selection of elements which are supposed to reflect the company’s character. Sometimes, the image is correct but the activity carried out by the company or the competition in the market leads to the need of adapting or renewing this image.

This is why many corporations governed by important brands, set up subsidiaries or other brands intended for certain communities. This way, a failure in the projection is less likely to happen.

So, if you are about to set up a new business or to develop a new image campaign, contact us for more information on how we can help.

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